Recently we purchased corn tortillas that completely fell apart for tacos, so we tried to think of another purpose. We decided to try an easy conversion to tortilla chips that provided a nice texture, good flavoring, and an easy way to reuse food.


-Small Corn Tortillas

-Olive oil

Billy Goat Chip Seasoning

First we sliced the corn tortillas into fours. Next we placed them in a bowl and drizzled olive oil in the bowl. We mixed the tortillas with the olive oil, generously covering the tortillas. Afterwards, we laid them on a cooking tray and sprinkled billy goat chip seasoning on to one side. We placed the tortillas in the oven for 8 – 10 minutes at 325 degrees. Once we took them out of the oven, they cooled quickly, and we were then left with flavorful chips that had a good crunchy, but slightly soft texture, while also reused food.  The chips tasted good individually,  but also with queso and as part of nachos.