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New York City Park Week – Day 3

Located along the western side of Manhattan in the neighborhoods of the Upper West Side, Bloomingdale, Morningside Heights, and the bottom edge of Manhattanville and West Harlem in Upper Manhattan is Riverside Park. The park runs along the Hudson River, providing nice views. The layout of the park is similar to other parks, such as Carl Schurz Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park that run along the river ways; however, Riverside Park is also home to the General Grant National Memorial, which is part of the national park system.

Outside of a national park site visit, Riverside Park allows visitors to let their dog free at the dog run; play at one of the playgrounds; see monuments; skateboard; play on the tennis court, soccer fields, volleyball courts, or baseball fields; grab a bite at one of the cafes; launch your kayak; or simply go for a stroll or run. There is also events occasionally throughout the park, providing additional activities for visitors. The park is several miles long, making it an excellent way to get scenic views with a nice breeze, while going for a long walk or run. When we have visited the park is not too busy, providing a nice reprieve from the crowds that venture into Central Park. The park trails were well maintained and the park consisted of quite a bit of greenery. We both enjoyed that Riverside Park provided us with an opportunity to get fresh air, be in nature, and take in some views, while partaking in a bit of solitude.