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Benton Park is a small but lovely city park located in the neighborhood by the same name. The neighborhood is south of downtown, near the Anheuser-Busch brewery. The park is set amidst some of the older houses in St. Louis, featuring beautifully crafted wood, stone, and brick features–make sure to check out these houses as you walk in and around the park. The park itself is a modest size, with plenty of room for a large playground, some tennis courts, and a couple of small ponds.

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We enjoyed our lunch at a bench overlooking the largest pond, which was peaceful and pleasant. We even had a few visitors, some of the local ducks.

A lovely bridge spans a small water area between two ponds, which makes for a nice photo spot.


Near the pond, there is a monument to Friedrich Hecker, a German immigrant who served for the Union during the Civil War.

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On the other side of the park is another pond, some large grassy fields, tennis courts, and a playground. Throughout the park are walking/running trails. Benton Park offers a nice oasis in the city, and its surroundings make the park even more interesting to visit. We recommend checking out Benton Park the next time you’re in the neighborhood.