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A rather unique St. Louis park is Laumeier Sculpture Park located in the Sunset Hills neighborhood. As the name suggests, Laumeier is the home to various sculptures, making the park an outdoor museum. The park also has trails throughout the park connecting visitors to the different sculptures, providing visitors the opportunity to experience nature and art.


Located within the park is also a fine arts center that provides a variety of festivals, events and interactive opportunities for visitors. Once a year the park has an art fair and a fundraising dinner, and throughout the year the park offers tours, art camps, family workshops, clay sculpting classes, family days with various activities, artist lectures, evening activities to experience the park after dark, and educational programs. The park is free; however, some events cost money. The park is also available for private events, which is quite nice as Margaret had the opportunity to experience a lovely wedding at Laumeier Sculpture Park.


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Laumeier Sculpture Park is a great way to learn more and interact with art, while also being in a natural setting. We love to visit the park and go for a hike to get exercise and experience the various sculptures.