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One of New York’s most iconic and popular attractions is the American Museum of Natural History located on the Upper West Side. The structure itself is quite impressive and hints at the wonders waiting inside.


You can pre-buy tickets to avoid the line, or at the museum, tickets are pay-what-you-wish, allowing the museum to be more accessible. The museum is also part of the Bank of America program, providing an opportunity for everyone to visit the museum. Since the museum is one of the most popular attractions, prepare for crowds, but different sections are more popular than others. Exhibits that are featured in Night at the Museum are particularly crowded, so be prepared for a small line with exhibits such as the Easter Island head.


The museum is an expansive array of exhibits that include plants, animals, fossils, minerals, space, and more that is geared to all ages. The museum boasts that it is one of the largest museums in the world, and that is not an understatement. The diversity of the museum provides visitors with a plethora of options to explore. The museum is divided into categories such as cultural regions or minerals, so we recommend picking your top interests, exploring those, and then going from there. We visited with a couple friends and spent almost the entire day at the museum and still didn’t see all of it.

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There are guided tours that visitors can follow to provide them with even more information than the exhibits provide. Additionally, the museum constantly has visiting exhibits and shows, so even if you have visited a couple times, there is always something new to see. The museum also offers children and evening programs to provide visitors with more ways to learn about the world we live in.


All of us found the American Museum of Natural History to be one of the best New York City museums, as well as extremely informative, and a great way to spend a Saturday. Plus, you can get some photos of Midtown and Central Park.


Side Note: The subway stop for the museum is adorable with mosaic critters decorating the stop. Our personal favorite exhibits: the different cultural sections, fossils, and the critters!