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Berimbau do Brasil is located in the West Village, and you’ll know you’ve arrived when you spot the yellow awning and green facade of the narrow restaurant. Inside you’ll find a few nicely set tables with an exposed brick wall on one side and a lightly painted wall on the other. A few pieces of art are scattered around the brightly-lit restaurant. Overall, the restaurant has a homey atmosphere that’s both fun and tasteful. In the back of the restaurant, you can peer over the countertop and see delicious food simmering on the stove, an indication of the food you’ll soon get to enjoy.


We began our meal with a serving of pao de queijo, a cheesy bread that was warm and decadent. Then, we had the churrasquinho, steak on skewers with vegetables, along with a serving of rice, and the frango grelhado, a grilled chicken breast with rice, black beans, and yuca fries. The steak was deliciously marinated and tender, the black beans were the perfect consistency and blend of spices, and the chicken was delightful. We savored every bite and were quite satisfied when we finished our meals. Whether you’re looking for a casual place to grab a bite or want a fun night out, we recommend Berimbau do Brasil.