Summer means lots of corn on the cob, and this recipe provides a way to dress the corn up a bit with a pop of color and zing of flavor. The recipe is simple and takes only a few minutes to complete.


Corn on the cob

Olive Oil


Peruvian Chili Lime Seasoning

Cook the corn on the cob. You can boil the corn, or as we prefer, bake the corn inside the husk (make sure to cut the tassels off the top before placing the corn in the oven) for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. While the corn is cooking, add a generous amount of olive oil to a small bowl. Zest a lime, and add to the olive oil. Add Peruvian Chili Lime Seasoning from Savory Spice to the olive oil mixture, or add a similar spice of your choice, such as some combination of chili powder, cayenne powder, cumin, and paprika, or something else of your choosing. Stir the olive oil mixture until well-blended. If you want some extra lime flavor, add a bit of the juice to the mixture. After the corn has cooked, brush the olive oil mixture onto the cob. The blend adds a bit of festive green and red color to the corn, along with some tang and spice. This is a great way to add some pop to your corn and set it apart from ordinary corn on the cob.