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One of best parts of New York City is the wealth of food, both packaged and prepared, that is available here, but not in other places. We have been able to have cuisine from certain areas of the world that are not commonly found in other places of the United States, which has been interesting and a delight for our taste buds. Thanks to Old Tbilisi Garden in Greenwich Village, we were able to try Georgian cuisine. The restaurant is rather simply-decorated, with the brick walls exposed, wooden tables, and a few pieces of art on the walls. The restaurant does, however, have a beautiful outdoor area, with a rock outcrop, lots of plants, and a waterfall behind several tables.


The food menu was quite interesting, with lots of Georgian specialties. It was difficult to choose, but we finally settled on the Cheese Khinkali, a dumpling filled with cheese, and the Chashushuli, slow-cooked veal in stewed tomatoes, onions, and spices. The dumplings were beautifully crafted and just as tasty to eat, while the veal melted in your mouth along with a wonderful mix of spices. The Chashushuli also came with a type of Georgian bread that we found delightful, both when eaten alone or dipped in the stew mixture. We enjoyed our food and, afterward, were quite satisfied and full. It should also be noted that Old Tbilisi Garden has a variety of Georgian wines and desserts as well, both of which have us wanting to return again in order to try them.


Old Tbilisi Garden allowed us try food that neither of us had experienced before, and we were both grateful for the opportunity and happy with our choice. We highly recommend trying Old Tbilisi Garden.