Many fast food chains are found across the country, or in larger regions within the United States, but there are also more local chains. One such restaurant is Runza, a Nebraska institution, which has branched out to a few locations in neighboring states but is mostly reserved to the state of Nebraska. Any Nebraskan will know what Runza is, but most visitors to the state will probably be baffled by the restaurant and, especially, some of its menu items. Runza was founded by Eastern European immigrants (Volga Germans), so the region’s cuisine influenced Runza’s menu. The restaurant is most well-known for its sandwich of the same name, which is a modernized version of a Bierock, a pastry filled with ground beef and cabbage (it tastes much better than it sounds!). Runza offers a variety of these sandwiches, but the beef and cabbage is the original. Runza has a more diverse menu than their sandwiches, however, including burgers, chicken sandwiches, and salads. All of Runza’s food is tasty, but we encourage you to try the Runza sandwich–we bet you haven’t had anything quite like it from a fast food restaurant! So, if you’re journeying to or through Nebraska, give Runza a try!

Runza 2