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Fresh & Co. is a New York City chain with fourteen locations currently and one more opening soon. The cafes are scattered around the city, although there is a concentration in Midtown. Fresh & Co., as the name suggests, focuses on fresh ingredients, and their menu features salads, soups, sandwiches, grain bowls, and yogurts. The cafe is set up as a buffet, in a way, with patrons choosing what kind of entree they would like, then going to the appropriate buffet, e.g., if you want a grain bowl, you would go to the buffet area with the grain bowls. You can then select from a number of different options, which someone will prepare for you. You can also choose from different options for some of the ingredients, enabling you to personalize your order. We went in during a somewhat busy time, but we were still able to get our food quickly. After receiving our food, we took it up to the cash register, where you can also supplement your meal with drinks and smaller snacks.

We visited the Greenwich Village location and tried the falafel bowl, which we found fun and flavorful, well-made and refreshing, but still filling. The price was reasonable, especially for the ingredients used, so Fresh & Co. is a nice place to grab a quick, but healthy, lunch.