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The MoMA is one of more well-known museums a part of New York City’s extensive array of museums. MoMA stands for the Museum of Modern Art, so as the name suggests the museum is comprised of modern art from the approximately the early 1900’s to present. The MoMA is located in Midtown just a couple blocks south of Central Park, making it a great central location in the city.

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Every Friday night from 4:30 to 8, the MoMA is free so we have always visited during this time; however, the museum is extremely crowded so be prepared to wait in line for certain pieces such as Van Gogh Starry Night. If you wait until around 6:30 though the crowds slim down quite a bit so we recommend arriving then if you don’t like being around swarms of people. We have actually visited three times now on Friday evening later in the free night to take in a new floor each time but not deal with the crowds.

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The museum is quite large so be prepared to spend several hours there if you want to see it in its entirety. The museum has a variety of exhibits, including permanent and traveling exhibits, allowing even frequent visitors new exhibits to take in. The majority of the museum is paintings, with an array of famous artists such as Monet, Matisse, and Van Gogh, as well as others, but the museum also has film series, performances, and events. The building that houses the collections is itself an interesting piece of modern architecture that is a unique structure worth seeing as well. Additionally, there is a gift shop and restaurant inside the MoMA so it provides visitors the opportunity to grab a bit to eat, buy a souvenir, and see some iconic art. Overall, the MoMA is a fantastic art museum that provides an extensive array of art and is a definite must visit for those who enjoy art or those who want to learn more about art history.

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