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Perhaps our favorite New York City restaurant thus far is Fusion HK Bar & Grill in Hell’s Kitchen. We visited while family was in town, and our family has continued to rave about it since! The outside of the restaurant is rather non-assuming with a simple awning, but inside visitors are greeted with a cozy, intimate setting. We visited on a Sunday evening and thus, there were only a few other patrons, which allowed us to have a very relaxed dining experience. The restaurant is small with a bar in the front and tables running alongside the brick walls. Fusion is known as a blend of Peruvian-Mexican food. The owners are Peruvian, so Peruvian food is their specialty. Margaret has visited Peru a few times and was ecstatic to find this little gem that provided plates as good as when she was in Peru.

Every member of our party ordered something different and we were each equally impressed with the quality and flavors of the food. Also, the portions provided us with not only one meal, but two meals. Additionally, they have a fantastic drink special that was perhaps the cheapest in all of New York. The drinks were incredible, and it was quite possibly the best margaritas we have ever had. The owners were so friendly, and after we finished up our meal they created cocktails for each of us that were phenomenal! Overall, it was one of the best dining experiences we have ever had from the food, to the drinks, to the service!


Side note: The owners are absolutely delightful and made the restaurant experience the absolute best!