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Kings County Distillery is one of several distilleries in New York City. It is located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard in the area historically associated with distilleries. Kings County proudly maintains that they are the first whiskey distillery in New York City since prohibition, and they offer tours of their distillery on most days. Kings County also has a tasting room located in one of the two old gatehouses at the entrance of the Navy Yard. The tasting room has a beautiful exterior, and the interior, though small, retains its historic character. The woods and stones from the original structure remain, along with nice features of the building. There is a spiral staircase to take guests to the bathrooms downstairs, and a quaint little nook located within the tower on the side of the gatehouse. Because of all the nice, traditional features, as well as the dim lighting, there was a cozy, even romantic atmosphere within the tasting room. We visited on a particularly cold day, which added to the warmth of the experience, as we stared out the foggy window at the cold beyond from within the comfortable interior. Our bartender was attentive, and we quickly received our whisky tasting flight that included three of Kings County’s selections. Each was well-crafted and enjoyable, so much so that we had trouble picking a favorite. We decided to stay a bit longer and ordered a mixed drink, the Sidecar, with Kings County’s own brandy. Our drink was excellent, and we were already talking about returning. Our visit to Kings County’s tasting room was one of our best experiences in New York City thus far. We were impressed with their facilities and spirits, and we urge you to visit Kings County Distillery.