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Madison Square Garden is not only a well-known New York City venue, but an iconic venue nationally. We visited a couple months ago for the Blues vs. Rangers game. Being from St. Louis and Blues fans we were quite excited to go to the game. One aspect of NYC that we love is the subway. In Atlanta, driving and parking was a nonstop headache, but it is so easy to jump on the subway and then arrive at your destination. The subway lets out right below Madison Square Garden, so riders can actually just walk out of the subway and emerge into the bottom of the venue making for an easy commute. The atmosphere was fun and everyone was actually quite kind to us as we sported our Blues gear. Since we bought tickets through NYU our tickets were pretty high up, but the seats provided us with surprisingly great views still. The game overall was a great game. Most importantly, the BLUES won. It was a great day for us as St. Louisans, and there were shockingly quite a few other fans with whom we could revel in our victory.