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Taproom 307 is a beer bar and eatery in Midtown. We visited a couple weeks ago with friends on a Sunday and were quite shocked at the packed house. There are televisions throughout the restaurant, so it served as a local sports hub for the evening. If you want a robust evening for watching the game, we recommend Taproom 307; however, if you want a more low-key vibe we recommend going outside of game times. As soon as the game ended the restaurant cleared out and was primarily those who just wanted to try some beer and hang out with friends. The outside of Taproom 307 has long wood doors with glass windows allowing visitors to see inside, as well as outdoor seating when it is warm outside. Inside it is a long narrow room with a bar down the entire side. Inside the decor is a relaxed vibe with brick walls, tin ceilings, and wood features in a dimly lit room. The restaurant has standard pub food and brunch options also. We got a build-your-own-pizza when we visited that was quite tasty. Taproom 307 is primarily a beer bar, so they have an extensive array of beers available, as well as cocktails, wine, etc. Taproom 307’s atmosphere changes drastically depending on when you are there, but we enjoyed the food, beer, and company.