This delicious dish we cooked up while examining what was left in our cabinet. We wanted something to not only warm us up, but to go with our chicken schnitzel. This turned out splendid!


Olive Oil

Garlic, 4-6 cloves

1 cup of water

Boullion cube

2 Potatoes

Half a red onion

Red wine vinegar (to taste)

Bohemian Forest European Seasoning (to taste)

Start by adding olive oil to the pan and slowly warm it. While the olive oil is warming, chop up the garlic and place into the pan. Add a cup of water and the bullion cube, then turn up the heat. While the pot heats up add two potatoes diced, and then chop up the red onion as well. Then add Bohemian Forest European Seasoning and red wine vinegar to taste. The meal was flavorful and warming on a chilly NYC day.