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Shake Shack began as a food cart in New York City but has since grown to a large chain of restaurants all around the country. Shake Shack is a fast food restaurant, but features more quality ingredients and products. The star entree is their burger, but they also have hot dogs and a chicken sandwich. Of course, no burger would be complete without fries, so they also have those, but they must be purchased separately. As the name implies, the restaurant also has shakes, with traditional varieties like vanilla and chocolate, but also seasonal and specialty flavors. We ordered a burger and fries, along with a vanilla shake. The burgers were delicious, with nice flavor, although they were a bit small, so if you’re hungry, you might want to get a double burger. Their fries were tasty, and tasted even better when we dipped them into our shake, which was full of flavor and refreshing. We enjoyed our food very much, but the price was a bit more than an average fast food restaurant, so be prepared to pay more than you might if you were going to another traditional fast food restaurant. Despite that, we highly recommend Shake Shack.