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Pret A Manger is a chain found in a few large cities along the East Coast and in Chicago. In New York, they are scattered all over Manhattan and are the perfect place to go if you need a quick bite to eat that’s a bit healthier than a fast food option. You can order a variety of drinks at the bar and browse the selection of meals they have in the coolers around the store. The meals are sandwiches, salads, wraps, bowls, and other such types of food that usually have a nice selection of vegetables and fruit, a grain, and sometimes a type of meat. Portions aren’t large, but they are adequate for a meal on the go. You can also supplement the entrees with chips, fruit, granola bars, or cookies. Pret A Mangers usually have large restaurants that allow guests to sit down and stay for a bit, with many of the restaurants including wifi if you want to take a working lunch. Pret A Manger is also a great spot to go if you’re a tourist and want to eat a quick bite in between attractions. The restaurant might not be the most stylish place to have a meal, but it’s perfect if you’re in the need of a quick breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack.