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The Half Pint is located in Greenwich Village in the heart of NYU’s campus. Despite its location, the bar is frequented by all sorts of people, probably because the cozy pub has a good selection of bar-style food and a nice tap list. The old brick interior, fireplaces, and candles gives The Half Pint a warm atmosphere, but the bar also has several TVs on which you can watch sports. The food menu has small plates-including tacos, pretzels, wings, and nachos-burgers, sandwiches, and a few other bar staples, such as fish and chips. We didn’t order food when we went to The Half Pint, but we did order drinks. The Half Pint has 14 taps, usually featuring some local options, as well as a substantial bottle list. We enjoyed our time sitting at The Half Pint and hanging out with our friends, although the emphasis is definitely a bit more on the bar aspect, rather than a more intimate atmosphere in which it’s easy to have a quiet conversation. Nevertheless, The Half Pint is a great place to have a nice meal or an after-work/after-class beer.