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New York City is known for the many cultures living in the city. Among the oldest cultural groups to be here are the Germans, and the city hosts an annual German parade-the Steuben Parade-to celebrate German heritage. This year’s event was its 60th, and the parade down 5th Avenue along Central Park was quite the spectacle. People waving German and American flags greeted bands, floats, and German groups as they strolled down the parade route. Many of the groups were located in the New York metropolitan area and included police men and women who identify with their German heritage, German schools, churches, and societies that celebrate some aspect of German culture, such as dancing or shooting. However, the Steuben Parade is an international event, and some groups and clubs from Germany, even small villages with little money, make it to the parade (some of these save money for years to come just once). The result is a celebration of German culture that Germans, and non-Germans, will enjoy. Although we did not attend, there is an Oktoberfest in Central Park after the parade, and some groups host their own parties to keep the festivities going.

Steuben Parade 2