One of our favorite recipes, that is also easy to make, is flavored parmesan pasta. We made this recipe a few times when Margaret was still living in the Czech Republic and over time it has had some different flavors added; however, we have found the Mt. Eolus Seasoning suits it best.




-Olive Oil

-Mt. Eolus Seasoning


Begin by cooking the pasta on the stovetop. As the pasta is cooking, dice up peppers into small pieces. Once the pasta is cooked, strain it, and place it on a plate. Next add the diced peppers on top. Drizzle olive oil over the pasta and mix up the pasta, peppers, and olive oil. After, you will sprinkle seasoning on top of the dish. We really enjoy the seasoning so we sprinkle quite a bit; however, sprinkle to taste. Then grate fresh parmesan cheese over the pasta and peppers. The parmesan will begin to melt onto the pasta and peppers. Afterwards, you are left with a hearty pasta dish that is more refreshing with the peppers, but flavorful with the seasoning. Enjoy!