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Atlanta Week-Day 5

The final Atlanta attraction we will be highlighting is the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library & Museum, located just east of the Old Fourth Ward. Jimmy Carter was from Archery, GA, near the small town of Plains, GA, where he lives today. Even though he lives in southern Georgia, he frequents Atlanta for events and talks, and his presidential library is located in the city. There are lovely natural areas around the library and, closer to the museum, ponds and water features that make for an idyllic setting in the city. The museum documents Carter’s life, from his birth in Archery, to his time in the Navy, to his rise to governor and president, to his post-presidential charity work around the globe. Visitors are able to learn about Carter through informational plaques, but also plenty of artifacts, documents, and other objects that relate Carter’s history. As visitors move into Carter’s presidential years, there is a wealth of information and hundreds of artifacts-one could easily spend hours in the museum. Finally, the museum ends with Carter’s productive years after his presidency, when he and his wife have been heavily involved with charity work around the world.


Georgia is blessed to have a former president living within its borders, and a visit to the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum can give visitors an intimate look at his life in a way that we are unable to do for most presidents. We highly recommend visiting the library and museum and, if you enjoy learning about President Carter there, we suggest making a trip to Jimmy Carter National Historic Site, where you can visit his boyhood home, his high school, and sites associated with his presidential campaign.