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Atlanta Week-Day 4

Today we will be highlighting a popular Atlanta attraction that is accessible throughout the city-the Beltline. The Beltline is a revitalization project by the city that has become a central hub for activities and exercise in the city of Atlanta. Trails run throughout the Atlanta metro area making up 33 miles of trail. Bikers, runners, or walkers can enjoy well-maintained trails while taking in Atlanta sites. The Beltline connects various parks and Atlanta attractions, making them more easily accessible and a way to avoid the crazy Atlanta traffic. There are even tours along the Beltline for visitors or Atlanta residents to explore the city and trails. Since the Beltline connects various neighborhoods, eateries and shops are popular along the Beltline. There are also various events, including a variety of exercise classes, that take place on the Beltline helping to encourage the walkway becoming a center part of the city. Additional trails are currently being developed, so you can continue to explore and learn more about Atlanta while getting outside and exercising.