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Atlanta Week-Day 2

The oldest building in downtown Atlanta is the train depot that was constructed after General Sherman burned the city during his march to the sea. With the invention of cars, Atlanta built streets above the first level of the depot and the storefronts below were forgotten. Later, the depot, and the surrounding buildings, were converted into an entertainment district called Underground Atlanta that became quite popular before falling into disrepair again. Then, Underground Atlanta reopened as a mixed-use facility with shops, restaurants, and bars. The history of the site is still a part of Underground Atlanta-visitors can stroll the “streets” below and get a sense for what the city looked like at the turn of the twentieth century. Plaques around Underground Atlanta explain its history and points to areas of interest around the site. However, Underground Atlanta has, again, fallen on hard times, so if you would like to visit, we suggest doing so quickly. A company has recently bought Underground Atlanta and plans to re-develop the site, but it is unclear how much, if any, of the original site will be preserved.