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Along the coast near St. Augustine, FL is Anastasia State Park. The park’s close proximity to the city of St. Augustine makes it the perfect place to set up a campsite and explore the city. The park itself provides a nice setting and a variety of activities for visitors to come back to the state park and enjoy the outdoors. Anastasia offers biking, camping, fishing, shelling, birding, swimming, hiking, boating, surfing, canoeing, kayaking, wildlife viewing, and the opportunity to go to a playground or hang out at the beach, as well as visit a historic site.


When we visited we had just come from the drive up the coast of Florida, stopping at a variety of state parks and national park sites along the way. Afterwards, we came to the state park and enjoyed taking in the sea breeze. We were also able to witness an abundance of wildlife during the evening, seeing several raccoons and even a bobcat. The next morning we went for a small hike and explored the hammock. Afterwards we headed to Castillo de San Marcos National Monument and the historic center of St. Augustine, FL. We enjoyed the activities the park offered, the proximity to St. Augustine, and the opportunity to be along the beach.