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Fort McAllister State Park is located just south of Savannah, GA and contains the most well-preserved earthwork fort of the Confederacy. The park contains a few hiking trails, boating opportunities, and plenty of camping, but the main attraction is the fort. Located on the Ogeechee River, Fort McAllister was one of three forts built to protect the important port city of Savannah. Most of the forts built during this time period were earthworks, and Fort McAllister is no exception. After going to the visitor center, viewing the short film about the fort’s history, and perusing the small, but informational museum for the history of the Civil War in the area, visitors can navigate the maze of earthen mounds the snake along the water, forming the body of the fort. Visitors are able to walk on the tops of the mounds in order to get a bird’s eye view of the structure, but they are also able to wander around the underground network of tunnels, bunks, and storage areas. These rooms underneath the fort show what it would have been like to have been a soldier at the fort and where supplies would have been stored. Canons still stand where they would have during the war, so visitors can imagine what it would have been like when a union ironclad was spotted on the horizon. Fort McAllister offered a fascinating glimpse at Civil War history and gave us perhaps the best way to see a traditional Civil War era fort. History buffs will certainly enjoy Fort McAllister, and we recommend a visit for anyone checking out Savannah and the Georgia coast.