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A great stopping point on the way to the Georgia coast is Little Ocmulgee State Park in Helena, GA. The park is about halfway between Atlanta and the coast and includes a variety of activities for both a weekend away or a stopping point along your travels. We camped at Little Ocmulgee, but there are also cottages and a lodge for visitors to stay in. The park also offers the opportunity to hike, swim at the lodge’s pool or the lake, bike, canoe, fish, golf, picnic, play tennis at the tennis courts, mini golf, and go to the playground. Like a lot of Georgia State Parks, the park is focused around the lake, and lake activities, as well as the lodge. The setting along the lake with the lodge and golf course make Little Ocmulgee a great place to go with family or friends for a relaxing weekend away. When we visited, we went on a short hike to explore the park and stopped by the lake to see the turtles. The park was rather crowded, so it isn’t as peaceful as other parks, and it seemed to be a rather popular park for those in the area. We enjoyed exploring another Georgia State Park and spending time in nature.