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Fort Morris State Park is a small state park but is full of history dating to the Revolutionary War. The state park rests near the former town of Sunbury, once one of the largest cities in Georgia. Sunbury boomed because of the harbor that was there and its port was almost as large as that of nearby Savannah. Fort Morris was built near Sunbury to guard it during the Revolutionary War. When the British ordered the fort’s surrender, the commanding officer famously replied that the British should, “Come and take it!” The British left, but later returned and took the fort. The fort was later renamed Fort Defiance and used during the War of 1812. Sunbury would suffer decline and today is a ghost town, but visitors can still see Fort Morris at the state park. Visitors should first stop by the visitor center, where they will be able to watch an informative film about the history of the Fort and Sunbury. Visitors can then walk out to the earthworks that made up the fort. The fort is rather small, but the earthworks are still clearly visible. We didn’t spend a lot of time at Fort Morris State Park, but we enjoyed our time there and found the park to be interesting and informative.

Fort Morris 2