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Atlanta has a plethora of cultural cuisine and, on our most recent outing, we went to Nicola’s Restaurant, which specializes in Lebanese food. Nicola’s is located in an unpretentious building in North Druid Hills, but don’t be fooled by the building’s plain exterior. The real star of the restaurant is inside. Nicola’s has been open for 34 years, and its owner, Nicola, is still greeting customers inside. The interior is simply decorated with dim lighting, but the jovial personality of Nicola and his staff warms the restaurant far more than any lights could. Everyone was friendly and helpful, eager to tell customers about what they should get.

We ordered pita and hummus to share, and we each got a shawarma, one beef and one lamb. Our hummus came out in just a couple minutes and was the most decadent hummus either of us had ever had. Only a few minutes after the hummus came out, our shawarma was delivered to our table. Our plates included wonderfully roasted meat that was falling apart, flavorful rice, and a variety of vegetables stewed in a rich sauce. Our food was flavorful and filling; it was a lovely dinner. Nicola went to each table, checking on each customer and making sure they were having a nice time. To add to the entertainment, Nicola placed a bottle of wine on his head and danced for the restaurant, ending his performance by replacing the bottle with a wine glass and having his staff pour wine into the glass as he continued to dance. It was such an entertaining way to end our time at Nicola’s. As we left, Nicola thanked us for coming in, and we also received some free baklava as a “thank you” for eating there since it was our first time. We can’t recommend Nicola’s highly enough, both for their food and for their kind service.

Note: Nicola’s has belly dancing on weekend’s at 8:00 pm if you’d like entertainment with your meal.