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Brasstown Bald is the highest point in Georgia. The mountain is located near the North Carolina border in the Blue Ridge Mountains and offers visitors a chance to drink in the scenic vistas available in north Georgia. Just driving to Brasstown Bald is worth the time, giving visitors the ability to see the mountains as they climb upward on their journey to the mountain. There is a large parking lot about half a mile from the top of Brasstown Bald where visitors can pay their fee ($5 per person) and decide whether they want to take a shuttle to the top or hike 6/10 of a mile to the summit.

Brasstown Bald 2

We decided to hike to the peak, which was an arduous climb, but worth the time and pleasant. There is a large observatory at the top, where visitors can scan the landscapeĀ in all directions, watching the layers of mountains meld together and advance endlessly into the horizon. Every direction your eyes are met with the natural folds and edges of the earth’s ridges, blanketed with trees. Despite the number of people at the observation tower, our visit was peaceful and relaxing.

Brasstown Bald 3

After tearing ourselves away from the views, we went into the building to watch a film about the changing seasons of Brasstown Bald, which was informative and interesting. There is also a small museum where visitors can learn about the wildlife, history, and geology of Brasstown Bald and the surroundings areas. After looking around the museum, we descended the mountain back to our car. Brasstown Bald afforded some of the best views and certainly the most expansive vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains in north Georgia. The cost is well-worth paying for a visit-you won’t soon forget the time you spent there.

Brasstown Bald 4