Margaret’s mother’s Sloppy Joe recipe is one of our favorites. It may be the same as some recipe elsewhere; however, her mother learned it from her mother and grandmother so it has been a fun family treat for generations.


-Ground Beef

-BBQ sauce (your personal preference)


-Yellow Onions

In a frying pan cook the ground beef until it is browned. While the beef is cooking, you will dice both the celery and yellow onions into small pieces. The amount of celery and onions is again your personal preference. We prefer several stalks and a whole yellow onion. Once the beef is cooked, next drain the grease from the pan. Add in the celery and onions, as well as the BBQ sauce. We definitely encourage you to add the BBQ sauce based on your own preference, because some people like it with lots of sauce while others prefer it only lightly sauced. Let the celery, onions, & BBQ sauce heat up a little, and then place on a bun and serve! Absolutely delicious.