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State Park Week-Day 5


Located in Okefenokee Swamp is Stephen C. Foster State Park, one of Georgia’s most unique state parks as it is made up of a swamp. The park is in Fargo, GA, which is near the Florida border, making it easy to visit while making a trip to Cumberland Island or St. Augustine/Jacksonville, FL. The park is a bit off of the beaten path, so be prepared to explore rural Georgia. Since the park is a swamp, the primary activities are centered on water activities, including kayaking, canoeing, guided tours, fishing, and boating, but there are also some opportunities for birding, camping, archery, playing on a playground, biking, astronomy, staying in cottages, and walking along nature trails.


We went on a hike, and a large portion was on a boardwalk over the swamp. There were only a couple other families there, making for a relatively quiet and peaceful adventure. For Star Wars fans, the park looked quite similar to the swamp where Yoda was residing. We enjoyed walking along the boardwalk and watching the landscape change. At some parts, the trail was on a dirt path with thick grass and trees emerging sporadically from the brush. Then, the boardwalk would begin and was above mud with moss and small plants, with tall trees surrounding us. Then, water began emerging and became deeper with foliage peeping out of the water. The landscape was unlike anywhere we had previously visited, even other swamps like the Everglades or Congaree, and it was beautifully rugged. Stephen C. Foster was unlike any state park we had ever visited, and we enjoyed our visit.