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This week we will be highlighting a variety of different Georgia State Parks. We have enjoyed learning more about the history of Georgia and seeing the diverse landscapes the state has to offer. Our first park is George T. Bagby State Park, a classic lake focused state park, but, of course, unique in its own way that we enjoyed exploring.

State Park Week-Day 1

George T. Bagby State Park is located in the southwest corner of Georgia on the Alabama border. The park is situated on a lake, making that the focal point of the activities the park offers, including boating, swimming, fishing, water skiing, and canoeing. Besides water activities the park has hiking, biking, tennis courts, birding, volleyball, playgrounds, and areas for picnicking.


As per our usual, we went along a hiking trail. The trail wandered about the forest that was sparsely scattered with large trees and had a soft trail to walk along. There is only a few miles of trails, so it was a shorter hike, but we were the only ones along the trail, making for a peaceful getaway. Afterwards, we walked along the side of the lake and enjoyed the tranquility.


Additionally, the park has a lodge for visitors, allowing you to relax in a cozy bed and then head out to the lake, forest, or swimming pool for a day outside enjoying the scenery around you. We didn’t stay overnight because we had camped at Kolomoki Mounds State Park the previous evening, but we enjoyed hiking around George T. Bagby State Park and exploring.