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One of the most unique Georgia State Parks we visited was Sapelo Island Reserve. The island is a small Georgia coast barrier island that visitors reach by taking a ferry across to it. Sapelo Island was once a slave community that still has descendants that live on the island who take care of it. Our tour guide who lives on the island was extremely insightful about the history of the community, and she continues to work to preserve the community. The tour took the majority of the day, and we drove all around the 11 mile island, learning about the history of various buildings and community life. The island has remnants of a tabby structure and other operational buildings, such as a post office and a small grocery store, as well as the houses of those who dwell on the island. We also briefly stopped by the beach, which contained only a couple other visitors who were there overnight, and the beach was essentially free of any tourists or distractions, allowing you to really enjoy the environment of the beach including the sand dunes and the waves hitting the sand.


Tours can vary as to which attraction you see, and ours was scheduled to see Reynolds Mansion; however, due to an event we ended up stopping by the house, but were unable to go inside. Instead our tour guide took us to the Sapelo Light Station. Margaret was actually given the key to the hatch at the top, and we were able to open up the hatch and go up into the top of the lighthouse. We spent the majority of the day driving around the island, stopping off at sites, and hearing interesting stories about the history of the people who lived there. It was by far one of our favorite and most informative state park visits. We definitely encourage anyone to visit, and we would love to return to take a tour of Reynolds Mansion.