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Although it is located in a few cities throughout the United States, we visited Ri Ra during our cultural nights as it was one of the highest ranked Irish pubs in the city. We are trying to have cultural cuisine from all over, so we decided to venture to Ireland for the evening and headed to Ri Ra in Midtown Atlanta. When we were in Dublin, Ireland we visited a few pubs, so we had an idea of a classic Irish pub. The look and feel of Ri Ra is more of a standard up-scale gastro-pub in the United States than the pubs we visited in Dublin, but it had a nice relaxed and well-kept vibe. The pub is dimly lit with high, dark wood tables with black stools throughout a large portion of the restaurant. There is a rather large bar that runs along the main wall of the restaurant, allowing for a plethora of seating for those who want to just hang out and chill at the bar.

As can be assumed with an Irish pub, the bar serves a large variety of whiskeys and beer, including Guinness of course. The restaurant also has a wide variety of Irish pub food. Everyone in our party got something different, and we were each quite impressed. We went with a friend who is from England, and he said it was one of the best fish and chips he has had in the United States. The restaurant only had a few other patrons, so we were able to just relax and hang out. We found the service, atmosphere, and food to make for a great evening out with friends and taste a little bit of Irish food while in the United States.

Side Note: When people tell you Guinness is better in Ireland than anywhere else, this is a fact.