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Gordonia-Alatamaha State Park is located in the coastal plain of southeast Georgia. The park is rather small, with only a few activities. There is a campground and a one mile nature trail set along a small, but peaceful lake. The lake offers fishing and boating opportunities, but the most pleasant aspect of the park is the simple serenity it offers. Even though we were there during the height of summer, we were only a handful of people camping, so we were able to select a secluded spot overlooking the lake. We were able to relax, enjoying the beauty of the pines and other coastal plain foliage while listening to the sounds of insects and birds. The state park is not as action-packed as other state parks, but the solitude and quiet beauty it offered was lovely in its simplicity.


While it might not be quite so serene, it should also be noted that Gordonia-Alatamaha offers a nine-hole golf course.