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The weather is warming up and a perfect evening activity is visiting an outdoor movie theater. Located in south city Atlanta is the Starlight Drive-In movie theater, which allows visitors to pull up their cars and enjoy newly released films. There are several screens, so the line is long to get in so be prepared to sit for awhile. Additionally, the lots are a bit worn, so perhaps do not bring a super expensive low car or the bottom may get a bit torn up. We got a parking spot near the front and were able to sit back and enjoy the movie. As movie prices continue to increase, the Starlight prices are closer to matinee prices, making for a cheaper evening out. There is also a double feature available, but we opted out and headed home; however, this provides you with an inexpensive way to see two new releases! As can be assumed, the theater also offers a variety of snacks for purchase, but you can also always bring your own snacks. The theater is the only outdoor movie theater in the area, so pack your picnic basket and get ready for an evening out!

Side Note: The movie theater also offers a flea market every Saturday and Sunday in the mornings.