In a constant attempt to add variety and flavor to our veggies, we created this tasty dish.


-Olive oil


-Brussels sprouts


California Citrus Rub

-Garlic Salt

Start by placing olive oil in two pans at a low heat. Next chop up fresh garlic and place even amounts in both pans. While the pans heat up, chop the Brussels sprouts in halves, or even fourths, and place them in one of the pans. The Brussels sprouts should be at a medium heat while they are cooking. While the Brussels sprouts heat up, chop up tomatoes into small pieces and place in the second pan at a low heat. When the Brussels sprouts begin to become tender, add them to the tomato pan and add California citrus rub and garlic salt. Increase the heat and serve once the tomato juices are simmering and the Brussels sprouts are soft. Afterwards you are left with an incredibly flavorful dish that makes a lovely accompaniment to a meat or fish pairing.