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With the growing Atlanta beer scene, it seems as though every town within the Atlanta metro area has a local brewery. Roswell is no different; it is home to Gate City Brewing Company. The brewery is located in the downtown area, near other shops and restaurants, and is in a large warehouse with exposed steel and concrete. The interior has an industrial feel, but is also welcoming-the brewery has large garage doors that they open during nice weather so that the tasting room feels sunny and airy. There was plenty of seating scattered around the building, which was nice since many other Atlanta area breweries often lack good seating. Gate City also had three TVs playing sports. The TVs were located in inconspicuous places, so you don’t have to watch or listen if you don’t want to. We, however, had a fun time watching a German soccer game while we tasted our beers.

Gate City had plenty of beers on tap, so there was no shortage of drinks to try. We sampled a few of the brewery’s standard offerings, which include an IPA and a porter, along with several brewery only beers. Our favorite was a Berliner weisse that was particularly enjoyable on such a nice day. We enjoyed all the beers we tried, and we found Gate City to be a nice way to spend a sunny afternoon, sipping beer while relaxing by the open doors.