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In southeast Georgia, in Nicholls, GA is General Coffee State Park. We visited on our larger southeast Georgia trip and found it to be a great park to stop off at. The park has a variety of standard park activities including camping, fishing, horseback riding, kayaking, canoeing, archery, playgrounds, biking, and cottages to stay in. There are several lakes as well as a farm for visitors to enjoy. We went on a small hike along the nature trail. Part of the trail is a rather scenic boardwalk over a cypress swamp. When we visited the swamp it had recently rained so it was full of muddy water. We searched for otters which are known to sometimes make appearances, but alas we mainly saw spiders, squirrels, and a snake. The nature trail was a little busier than other state parks we visited, but still more calm than popular parks like the Everglades. The park has a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy and we found the nature trail to be a lovely walk.