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Located in Buckhead, Blue Heron Nature Preserve, provides Atlanta city dwellers with the opportunity to still experience a little bit of nature. The nature preserve is not very large, but there is a trail that goes around the preserve with a river situated in the center of the park. The park is in between a neighborhood and a major road so you won’t be able to completely block out the sound of the city, but it still provides some solace. We visited on a Saturday with a friend and only saw a couple other people there. The majority of visitors seemed to use the park as a way to walk their dogs, and other than some small birds there wasn’t an abundance of wildlife. Blue Heron probably is not the best place to visit if you are looking for solitude from the noise, but if you don’t want to drive too far out the preserve is a nice place to be surrounded by some greenery and hear the sound of rushing water. The park also has a lake that is filled with water plants and turtles, that provides a nice setting to just sit and relax. Blue Heron also offers a variety of activities for the community to learn more about nature and preservation including a community garden and various educational programs, as well as a few summer camps. For those in or near the Lenox Buckhead neighborhood, Blue Heron Nature Preserve is a nice place for a stroll in the park.