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Day 4-Burger Week: Smashburger

While Smashburger is located throughout the country (and in other countries, too), we thought we would include it in this week’s blogs for burger week. We visited the Smashburger location in Atlanta off Piedmont Road near Buckhead. Smashburger is plainly decorated in the same way that other fast food restaurants are. The establishment is similar to fast food restaurants in its food style as well, although the food is a bit higher quality and so takes a bit longer to be prepared. The menu features salads, chicken sandwiches, and, of course, burgers in a variety of styles with lots of different toppings. We ate our burgers and fries at the restaurant and found them to make a nice meal. If you’re in the mood for a burger and are in the neighborhood, Smashburger would make a great place to grab your meal.