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Day 2-Burger Week: Grindhouse Killer Burgers

Grindhouse Killer Burgers has four different locations in the Atlanta area as the restaurant has proven quite popular. We went to the location on Piedmont Road, which was located in an old gas station. Unlike other restaurants, patrons walk into the front door and order at the bar immediately in front of them. Then, they can find a seat in the small open area beside the bar or outside on the large patio. The gas station has been refurbished so that it has a rustic but modern look-simple furnishings and bright subway tiles along with some preserved elements from the gas station. The restaurant also has glass covering much of the front of the building, making the restaurant bright and airy.

Aside from a few alternatives, Grindhouse’s menu is burgers and drinks. Patrons can choose to make their own burger (choose the number of patties, their toppings, etc.) or choose one of the few pre-made options that Grindhouse has. We enjoyed our burgers and definitely recommend a visit for a good burger and fries. If you want a nice drink to go with your burger, Grindhouse also has several good beer options, including lots of local craft beer, housemade cocktails, and milkshakes with or without liquor. Overall, Grindhouse is a nice local burger place that offers good burgers and great drink options.