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Georgia Veterans State Park is located just off Interstate 75 in South-Central Georgia. The center of the park is Lake Blackshear which provides great boating and fishing opportunities to those who enjoy it. In fact, the lake provides a beautiful setting as you come into the park, with large trees protruding from the water with Spanish moss hanging from them, making for a picturesque and peaceful setting. As you move further into the park, you’ll come across the reason for the park’s name. The park honors American war veterans, so it features a museum and several vehicles and aircraft from American wars. Visitors can walk around the military implements and learn more about them.

Georgia Veterans 3

The rest of the park is a variety of lakefront views and lovely forests with a few trails that meander through them. There is plenty of camping and, if that isn’t your cup of tea, there is a resort with restaurants (which also has a conference center) in the park. Georgia Veterans made for a fun weekend and is a nice place to get away for an hour or a day.

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