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Located in Savannah, GA is Skidaway Island State Park, a state park that provides visitors the opportunity to explore an intracoastal waterway. The park provides a variety of activities including hiking, camping, birding, volleyball, biking, and the opportunity to stay in a cottage. The park is smaller, but visitors can leave the hustle and bustle of the city with ease and enjoy the marshy landscape. When we visited Skidaway, we walked along the boardwalk and explored the marshy ecosystem. Besides the marsh, the park also offers a maritime forest, allowing visitors to experience a couple different coastal ecosystems. While we were there, there was only a couple other people in the whole park, making it a very relaxing experience. We both found Skidaway to be a peaceful park and a great way to explore a new and different ecosystem. For those visiting Savannah, Skidaway might be a nice option for a cheap stay and the opportunity to explore both nature and downtown Savannah.