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Atlanta has a plethora of small parks around the city, but it does have a few larger areas set aside that feature more natural areas. Morningside Nature Preserve, as the name suggests, is in the Morningside neighborhood. There are several entrances to the preserve: one on Lenox Rd. NE, one on Wellbourne Dr. NE, and one on Wildwood Rd. NE. We parked on Lenox Rd., where there is a small parking lot at the edge of the preserve. The first half mile we were walking through a field with power lines overhead, which was a less than ideal setting. However, we soon crossed a small suspension bridge over a nice creek with a sandy beach that was a nice little spot to relax (although there were quite a few people there at the time). After we walked across the bridge, we were only around the power lines for a bit longer before we crossed into some woods. While the forest was a bit overgrown in some places, most of the rest of our walk was pleasant. There were fewer people around, lots of woods, and some calming views of the creek again (although there was some litter in the creek that was less than pleasant to look at). We eventually made our way back to the car. We enjoyed our walk, especially the second half, but the description “nature” preserve is used rather loosely. Morningside Nature Preserve was a better place for a walk than in the middle of the city, but it was certainly no substitute for the north Georgia mountains.