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At the absolute southwestern tip of Georgia is Seminole State Park. The park’s lake lies at the forefront of the activities the park provides, including, boating, fishing, swimming, kayaking, and canoeing. The park also offers the opportunity to play at the playground, mini golfing, picnic, camping, tree house camping (which sounds incredible), cottages, or go on a small hiking trail to search for gopher tortoises.


We obviously opted for the tortoise searching and unfortunately didn’t see any; however, we had a great time exploring the park. The trail started out as a regular dirt trail and then turned into a boardwalk. The boardwalk then led us over a marshy waterway that was quite lovely. We continued on back into a field with tall grass that blew in the wind. During the loop trail we only saw two other people who were fishing on the bridge. The entire hike consisted of nothing but the sound of the bugs, the wind, and the plants swaying. We found the hike to be quite peaceful and both agreed it was one of our favorite little hikes.