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We are highlighting a variety of Florida state parks, and this one is for those who love the beach!

Day 3-Little Talbot Island State Park

Little Talbot Island State Park is located in Jacksonville, FL, making for a great place to set up camp and explore Jacksonville and nearby St. Augustine. The state park has a variety of activities, including the ultimate beach experience. Little Talbot Island provides the opportunity to fish, camp, hike, swim, picnic, surf, hang out around a campfire, play at the playground, bike, find seashells, bird watch, and of course relax at the beach. For those who want the beach experience, but either can’t afford a lavish hotel, or just want a simple trip-Little Talbot Island State Park is a must visit. We primarily camp on our trips because it is cheaper and we enjoy being out in nature.


Little Talbot Island was thus far once of the most serene locations we have experienced yet. The island has an incredible white beach with a plethora of beautiful shells dotting the sand. For those interested in topography, the beach allows visitors to see the creation and development of sand dunes, as well as the plants and animals that accompany an island environment. We camped for a night and then headed to the beach to explore the next morning. We were the only people on the beach making the morning walk extremely peaceful. Typically when we visit beaches, they are packed with people and wildlife appears absent, but Little Talbot Island was the exact opposite.


The sand was covered with shells where the water once reached, but then expanded to beautiful, white sand. We first walked along the ridge where the ocean met the beach and watched the little birds scuttle back and forth as the waves came. We then moved further upwards and looked at the vast diversity in shells that had washed up. We even found a perfectly intact sand dollar! The morning was rather relaxing as it was only us and the nature surrounding us. We both loved exploring the beach and had a great time searching for little treasures on the beaches. Little Talbot Island State Park has thus far been one of the most relaxing and enjoyable state parks we have visited.