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As we noted in our Ponce City Market post, in addition to the shops that are there, there are many restaurants that have opened small establishments. Some of these restaurants offer only to go options (although one can eat at one of the many tables nearby), while others have seating within the restaurant. Jia Szechuan is such a restaurant. They have a few tables inside, but a large outdoor seating area that was lovely on the rather warm evening. Jia Szechuan has a large menu-you’ll probably spend several minutes sifting through it-and much of it includes authentic Szechuan dishes with classic and fresh ingredients with plenty of spices. We decided to be a little less adventurous this time as we got General Tso’s Chicken. Our meal was large with plenty of food for both of us, and it was bursting with flavor, perhaps the most flavor we had ever had in an Asian dish. We enjoyed eating at Jia Szechuan, and it was certainly a fun place to stop at Ponce City Market.