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Fort Mountain State Park is located in northern Georgia near the Tennessee border. Fort Mountain is part of the Appalachian Mountains, so visitors will find themselves amidst lovely forests and afforded beautiful vistas. Fort Mountain has a plethora of hiking trails, but the centerpiece of the park is the top of the mountain, which has an 855 foot long stone wall built around part of the mountain. The wall’s origin is a mystery, but it is thought that the wall was built by early Native Americans. Visitors can walk about one mile to the stone wall; there isn’t much information about the wall available, but it is interesting to see the ancient wall itself and to speculate as to why it was built and by whom.


The trail to the wall also passes by an old Civilian Conservation Corps built stone tower that visitors can still climb. The tower is fun to climb and offers nice views. Since the trail to the stone wall was rather short, we decided to hike another trail. This trail offered us more great mountain views, along with a nice creek with small waterfalls cascading down rocks on the side of the mountain.


We found solitude and peace at Fort Mountain. We saw beautiful views, both in the forest and when we were able to see the mountains beyond. For those who enjoy history, Fort Mountain offers visitors both ancient and recent sites that are worth exploring. We have been to more than fifty Georgia state parks, but we count Fort Mountain as one of our favorites, so we highly recommend exploring this gem. If you are in the area, be sure to check out some of the other great state parks in the area, Chief Vann House and New Echota.